Efi Maria Papia, featured ILCC liquid crystal artist, December 2017

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Efi Maria Papia is an undergraduate student at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens,Greece. As a senior year thesis she is studying the optical properties of cholesteric liquid crystals and their applications, such as 3D microlasers. The thesis is supervised by Professor Ioannis Lelidis. In her spare time she runs the Quantum Abstraction blog, with digital art inspired by nature and science. Her contact information email: efmar96@hotmail.gr
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The artwork is inspired by films formed by drying cholesteric liquid crystalline suspensions of cellulose nanocrystals where a mosaic texture is observed.
Jury comment: This is a new approach of “LC art” of an artificial texture inspired by a real LC. I would like to close this year with this new attempt.