Dorota Węgłowska, featured ILCC liquid crystal artist, October 2017

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Dorota Węgłowka received her MSc in the Faculty of Chemistry from Warsaw University of Technology (Poland) and her PhD in the Faculty of Advanced Technologies and Chemistry from Military University of Technology with a thesis on the synthesis of highly tilted ferroelectric liquid crystals, supervised by Prof. Roman Dąbrowski. Then she worked for Volfoni company (Paris, France) on active 3D shutter glasses. Her current research interests are mainly focussed on synthesis and investigation of ferroelectric as well as nematic (high birefringent, dual-frquency addressing systems) liquid crystals for photonic applications.
Contact email: dorota.weglowska(at)
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The micrograph shows the texture of the SmI phase observed during cooling for hockey stick-shape pure compound at 85C. The image was taken with a polarizing optical microscope (Olympus) with crossed polarizers and equipped with the Linkam TMSH 600 hot stage and the Linkam TMS 93 temperature controller.
Jury comment: The picture of this month is a simple texture of a cholesteric LC with oily streaks. But this resembles a micrograph of cells in a human skin or muscle slice.