Tejas Kalavalapalli, featured ILCC liquid crystal artist, July 2018

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Tejas Yagnyavalk Kalavalapalli is currently a fourth and final year undergraduate student pursuing a bachelor's degree in Polymer and Surface Engineering at the Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai in India.
His research interests currently include Polymer Science, Material Science and Green Chemistry.

He clicked this picture during a summer research project with Dr. Ingo Dierking's Liquid Crystal group at the Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Manchester.

He has a great love for the environment and hopes to pursue a Master's degree and later on a PhD in Material Science or Environmental Engineering and hopes to make a difference to the world!

e-mail: kytejas(at)yahoo.com
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The image shows the whole field of view of a graphene oxide (GO) doped sample of CE8 in the fluid smectic phase. The sample was prepared between a microscope slide and a cover slip at a temperature of 128ºC. Smectic fans are arranged in a quasi-circular, flower-like fashion and the coverage of all colours of the visible spectrum from bottom left to top right, is due to a slight wedge-shaped arrangement of the cover slip. The image was taken with a 4x objective on a Leica DMLP polarizing microscope, equipped with a Linkham hot stage and a UEye digital camera. It has not been digitally enhanced by any means and the droplet diameter is equivalent to 2.5 mm. The texture microphotograph was taken during an internship at the University of Manchester with the Liquid Crystals group under supervision of Dr. Ingo Dierking.teric Liquid Crystal texture in using polarized optical microscope. The texture is observed at room temperature between crossed polarizer. The scale in the picture shows 50 μm.
Jury comment:
A lovely flowery composition of "smectic petals” marks the end of the first summer month.