Adam Draude, featured ILCS liquid crystal artist, November 2019

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My name is Kelum Perera. I completed my B.Sc.(Special) Physics from the University of Kelaniya (Sri Lanka) in 2015. I join the Kent University in 2018. Now, I’m a Ph.D. candidate at the Department of Physics at Kent State University. The main focus of my research is developing applications of liquid crystal (LC) films suspended in transmission electron microscope (TEM) grids. My research interests are electronics/ Soft matter physics.

My email is
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Liquid Crystal (5CB) film in TEM grids. This texture captured using a polarized optical microscope at room temperature between crossed polarizer. The top surface of the LC film contacts with air and bottom surface contacts with water.
Jury comment: This picture nicely represents how liquid crystal alignment in different environments can provide beautiful artistic images.