Vladimira Novotna, featured ILCS liquid crystal artist, January 2023

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Vladimira Novotna is the leader of Liquid Crystal Group in the Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences in Prague, Czech Republic.

The team in Prague is devoting the research of new type of materials, which are able to self-assemble into smart supramolecular structures with desirable functionality and physical properties. We are solving the fundamental problem related to correlations between the chemical structure of molecules, their self-assembling and photo-optical behaviour. We are preparing also hybrid systems of various types of nanoparticles with liquid crystalline compounds. We concentrated on development of a magneto-electric liquid in frame of EU project MAGNELIQ.

The material presented in the figure is a new alkyl-cyanobiphenyl ligand prepared by the group of Michal Kohout from University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague. This texture corresponds to a phase transition from the isotropic to the nematic phase. This compound creates the novel and attractive twist-bend nematic phase during further cooling process. For more information, please contact Vladimira Novotna.

Contact e-mail: novotna(at)fzu.cz

Personal homepage: https://www.fzu.cz/en/people/rndr-vladimira-novotna-csc

Orcid ID: 0000-0001-9960-4426
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A phase transition from the isotropic to the nematic phase for an alkylcyanobiphenyl derivative, which creates a twist-bend nematic phase during further cooling process.
Jury comment: The photo has been chosen for its aesthetic beauty, definition of the texture and for being representative of a complex liquid crystal system.