The rules of the Liquid Crystal Art Image of the Year 2022 contest

§ 1 General provisions

1. The organizer of the contest: Liquid Crystal Art Image of the Year 2022, hereinafter referred to as the "Contest", is the International Liquid Crystal Society (ILCS), hereinafter referred to as the "Organiser".
2. The Contest will be announced on the Organiser's website: Any information about the Contest, changes to the rules and other communications for will be posted on the Organiser's website in the Art Contest tab.
3. The Contest correspondence should be sent in electronic form to the following e-mail address: intliqcrystsoc(at)
4. The designated person to provide information about the competition is Anna Drzewicz, e-mail address: anna.drzewicz(at)

§ 2 Terms of participation

1. The aim of the Contest is to select the best picture of 2022 from among the winning pictures in the Liquid Crystal Picture Art of the Month 2022.
2. The subject of the Contest are 12 pictures selected in 2022:
  • January 2022 - Maciej Czajkowski, "Waiting for spring",
  • February 2022 - Nazma Begum, "Layered smectic A phase",
  • March 2022 - Varsha Jain, "Nematic cybotactic phase to smectic A phase transformation point",
  • April 2022 - Jiao Liu, "Helical nanofilament phase",
  • May 2022 - Asmita Shah, "Dendritic morphology of discotic liquid crystal",
  • June 2022 - Efi-Maria Papia, "Liquid crystals: reimagined",
  • July 2022 - Qing Zhang, "Keeping an eye on drying liquid crystals",
  • August 2022 - Deepak Verma, "Colorful flower petals",
  • September 2022 - Baris Sezgin, "Columnar phase formed by bent-core containing azobenzene unit",
  • October 2022 - Andreia F. M. Santos, "Flying Colibri",
  • November 2022 - Wen Chen, "Gold coast",
  • December 2022 - Supreet Kaur, "Flamboyance of Nematics".
More details about these pictures can be found on the website:
3. Before voting, the participant will be asked to enter his email address.
4. Each person may vote only once, casting one vote for the picture of their choice (ONE PERSON = ONE VOTE). Voting takes place on the website:
5. Voting lasts from 1 February 2023, from 00:01 to 21 February 2023, to 23:59.

§ 3 Awards

1. The picture with the highest number of votes will be the winner in the Contest.
2. The results of the Contest will be announced on 24 February 2023 on the Organiser's website. The author of the winning picture will also be informed directly by Organiser via e-mail.
3. The winning picture will be displayed on the cover of the next issue of Liquid Crystals Today. The author of the winning picture will be able to prepare a short article about herself/himself, about her/his scientific achievements, about the winning image etc., which will be published on Liquid Crystals Today.

§ 4 Final provisions

1. Any complaints regarding the manner of conducting the Contest should be reported to the indicated one e-mail address no later than 14 days from the date of announcement of the Contest results.
2. A complaint submitted after the deadline has no legal effect.
3. The complaint should contain the name and surname, and a detailed description and justification of the complaint.
4. Complaints will be considered within 14 days from the date of receipt.
5. The Organiser reserves the right to do so at any time for important reasons modification of the provisions of the rules, as well as interrupting or canceling the Contest, about which
he will immediately inform on the Organiser's website.