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Interdisciplinary Ph.D. position on realizing liquid crystal elastomer tubes for assisting brain organoid growth

We have an opening for a Ph.D. student position in my group, to be filled as soon as possible. The position is part of a joint project between my experimental soft matter physics group ( ) and the Developmental & Cellular Biology group ( ) of Prof. Jens Schwamborn at the Luxembourg Center for Systems Biomedicine. You will, on the one hand, be using microfluidic technology to produce liquid crystal elastomer tubes and evaluating their function as soft actuators, on the other hand, you will do research on the growth of ‘organoids’, miniaturized versions of biological organs growing in culture medium. The research will thus transcend the boundaries of physics, chemistry and biology. For this position, a solid foundation in physics or chemistry is the ideal, but an interest in all three areas will in all cases be needed. The Ph.D. topic will be physics or chemistry.

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We are looking forward to your application! Please share this post to anyone you think might be interested, and please write to me if you have further questions.