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Ph.D. student, University of the Littoral Opal Coast, France

We are looking for a motivated candidate for a Ph. D project on “Non-toxic quantum-dots-mesogenic hybrid materials” for energy applications. This project is at second stage for sanctioning the grant in which we will present a candidate for this project. If project will be finally financed by the French funding agencies, candidate has to work on the above mentioned theme. This will be a three years Ph.D. project which is expected to start in October 2019.

Topic of thesis project:
Non-toxic quantum-dots-mesogenic hybrid materials: Applications for green energy storage and production

Abstract of the project:
High charge carrier mobility, easy p- and n- type doping, and precise band-gap engineering of semiconducting quantum dots (QDs) make them suitable over the silicon technology for the future photovoltaic devices with low cost and solution-based large area fabrication. After facing restriction on the toxic Cd and Pb based QDs, scientific community is looking for non-toxic CuInS2/ZnS, InP/ZnS, carbon and graphene based QDs to carry forward the QD technology for the electronic, photonic and photovoltaic applications. The recombination and diffusion of charge carriers and power loss the layer interface in QDs based devices are still some challenging tasks. In present thesis project, we propose the preparation of Non-toxic quantum-dots-mesogenic hybrid materials to characterize them for the green energy storage and production. Having the low dielectric constant, mesogenic materials minimise the power loss at P-N junction interface that can leads to higher power conversion efficiency. In addition, the recombination rate can also be controlled as anisotropic mesogenic materials can be oriented in a preferred direction under a small external field. This Ph.D. project will characterize the InP/ZnS, carbon and graphene quantum dots and their composite with different Calamitic and Discotic mesogens (triphenylene/hexahexylthiotriphenylene and Perylene core based Discotic mesogens & Alkylated Naphthalene based Calamitic mesogens). The composites will be further characterized for the photophysical, energy storage and solar cell applications.

Skill required:
Instrumentation: Impedance Spectroscopy, QDs characterization techniques, thin film preparation, fabrication of photovoltaic devices
Software: Programming using Matlab, Labview, Latex
Knowledge of mesophase (liquid crystalline material) is preferred
Language: Fluent English, knowledge of French will be preferred

Contact Person:
Please send your CV, motivation letter and copies of your educational degrees to-
Dr Dharmendra P. SINGH [Email :]
Prof. Redouane DOUALI [Email :]

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Last date: 24 March 2019

Documents to transmit:
  • Letter of motivation of the candidate
  • A copy of ID
  • CV
  • Certificate of registration of studies in progress
  • Copy of the last diplomas/degrees
  • Copy of the master's degree or equivalent diploma obtained until then possibly, any document relating to the social and family situation if necessary
  • At least one reference/recommendation letter