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27th International Liquid Crystal Conferenc, 22nd - 27th July 2018, Kyoto, Japan

Dear the Members of International Liquid Crystal Society (ILCS) The deadline for abstract submission of 27th International Liquid Crystal Conference (ILCC2018) is extended until 15th February. ILCC2018 will be held in Kyoto International Conference Center in Kyoto, Japan from July 22 to 27, 2018. Information of ILCC2018 is available from the website and abstract submission is possible on the conference website.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Kyoto.

Sincerely yours
Masahiro Funahashi
Secretariat general of ILCC2018

International Liquid Crystal Conference (ILCC)

The International Liquid Crystal Conference (ILCC) is the largest academic meeting in the field of liquid crystals under the auspices of the International Liquid Crystal Society. The main aim of the conference is to bring together the scientific community to present their works on the developments in the interdisciplinary field of liquid crystals and soft matter. The ILCC provides an opportunity for the academicians, researchers, and engineers to share and discuss their theoretical considerations, new experimental results and innovative applications with people from all over the world. The scope covers the area of physics, mathematical studies, chemistry, biology, material science and applied research.

The first conference was organised by Glenn H. Brown in 1965 at Kent State University. Since that time the International Liquid Crystal Conference is held biennially in different regions arranged by local organisers. Each conference has got around 1000 participants, about 300 talks and over 500 posters. The previous ILCC conference was held at Kent (Ohio), USA. The 27th International Liquid Crystal Conference will be in Kyoto, Japan from 22-27 July 2018. All of the events are listed below:

  1. Kent (Ohio), 1965
  2. Kent (Ohio), 1968
  3. Berlin, 1970
  4. Kent (Ohio), 1972
  5. Stockholm, 1974
  6. Kent (Ohio), 1976
  7. Bordeaux, 1978
  8. Kyoto, 1980
  9. Bangalore, 1982
  10. York, 1984
  11. Berkeley, 1986
  12. Freiburg, 1988
  13. Vancouver, 1990
  14. Pisa, 1992
  15. Budapest, 1994
  16. Kent (Ohio), 1996
  17. Strasbourg, 1998
  18. Sendai, 2000
  19. Edinburgh, 2002
  20. Ljubljana, 2004
  21. Keystone, 2006
  22. Jeju, 2008
  23. Krakow, 2010
  24. Mainz, 2012
  25. Dublin, 2014
  26. Kent (Ohio), 2016
  27. Kyoto, 2018
  28. Lisbon, 2020