Prof. Mark Warner FRS passed away

It is with great sadness that I have to inform the society that our friend and colleague Prof Mark Warner FRS has very recently passed away. Mark was emeritus professor at the Cavendish laboratories of the University of Cambridge and one of the founders of the field of liquid crystalline elastomers. He was an eminent physicist, a Fellow of the Royal Society and an honorary fellow of the Royal Society of New Zealand. Prof Warner has received a variety of prizes and awards, among them the Bragg Medal of the Institute of Physics, the GW Gray Medal of the British Liquid Crystal Society, the EuroPhysics Prize of the European Physical Society, the Maxwell Medal of the Institute of Physics and the Alexander von Humboldt Research Prize. With Mark Warner’s death we lost an outstanding colleague far too soon.

Nomination for 2022 ILCS Honors and Awards

Dear ILCS Members:

I write to encourage you to nominate your outstanding colleagues for 2022 International Liquid Crystal Society (ILCS) honors and awards. ILCS honors and awards include the Glenn H. Brown Prize, the Michi Nakata Early Career Award, the LG and Samsung Mid-Career Awards, the Honored Member Award, and the Pierre Gilles de Gennes ILCS Prize.

The nomination window closes on February 15, 2022. All honors and awards will be presented to recipients at the 28th ILCC meeting to be held July 24-29, 2022, in Lisbon, Portugal. Nominations that reflect the full diversity of our community are encouraged.

Nominations for all ILCS awards are submitted using the on-line nomination forms for each category available at Additional guidelines can be found below.

Best regards

Nick Abbott
Chair, ILCS Honors and Awards Committee

General Procedures for the ILCS Honors and Awards

• Nominations for all ILCS awards are submitted using the on-line nomination forms for each category available in The nomination window opens on December 1, 2021 and closes on February 15, 2022.
• Invitations to nominate candidates for the Glenn H. Brown Prize, the Michi Nakata Early Career Award, the LG and Samsung Mid-Career Awards, the Honored Member Award, and the Pierre Gilles de Gennes ILCS Prize will be made through a communication to the ILCS membership and advertised via the Society's website for the 2022 ILCC at which the prizes are to be awarded.
• For the 2022 ILCS Honors and Awards, the nomination materials should be submitted using the on-line submission forms by the 15th of February, 2022.
• Members of the Honors and Awards Committee, Executive Committee, and the Board may not normally nominate a candidate for ILCS awards. If a member of any of these bodies does nominate an individual for a particular ILCS award, they will not participate in any action pertaining to the selection process for that particular award, and will be barred from receiving any information related to the nominations and prizes for that award until the decisions are announced to the general membership.
• Two months before 2022 ILCC, the Chair and members of the Honors and Awards Committee will make selections for awards through discussions resulting in unanimous agreement on each award winner. The Chair and members of the Committee may discuss nominees with the President in situations where guidance on the selection of a nominee is required.
• The process will be confidential. Identities of nominators and nominees will not be revealed during the selection. The identities of all nominators and unsuccessful nominees will remain confidential.
• The process of selection should remain impartial. Any conflicts of interest, for example, where an Honors and Awards Committee member belongs to the same institute as a nominee, will be managed by the Chair of the Committee and/or the President.
• The decision of the Honors and Awards Committee will be conveyed to the President of the Society for ratification by the Board at least seven weeks prior to the 2022 ILCC. If any of the Board members have real or perceived conflicts of interest, the President will inform that person and suggest that they abstain from deliberations and voting. Any member of the Board who serves on the Honors and Awards Committee shall also abstain from voting during ratification.
• The President shall have the authority to reject the selections of the Committee if proper procedures are not followed, for appearance of impropriety, and if the recommendations violate the rules and norms governing such awards. If this should occur, the President will seek agreement from the Board for the rejection and give the reasons for the rejection. The Chair or the Honors and Awards Committee shall refrain from lobbying the Board against the President's recommendation.

New ILCS web manager

It is my pleasure to announce that Anna Drzewicz from the Department of Soft Matter Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences will be our new web manager, starting in January 2022. Welcome to the ILCS Board of Directors.
At the same time I would like everybody to join me in extending my sincere thanks to Mateusz Mrukiewicz for all his hard work in setting up and designing our new website and his services to the society for the past 6 years. Thanks so much.

Ingo Dierking

ILCS-FRL award winners

It is my pleasure to announce the 2021 winners of the ILCS-FRL awards:

1. Jianghao Xiong (University of Central Florida) – Diamond Award
2. Kun Yin (University of Central Florida) – Platinum Award
3. Migle Stebryte (University of Ghent) – Gold Award

Please join me in congratulating all three awardees and wishing them all the best for their future careers.
Ingo Dierking

ILCC 2022: Place and dates updated!

In response to the global pandemic caused by the new coronavirus, the Organizing Committee of the 28th International Liquid Crystal Conference (ILCC) and the International Liquid Crystal Society (ILCS) have decided to postpone the 28th ILCC (ILCC2020) to 24th to 29th July 2022 in Lisbon, Portugal.

Postponement of the ILCC is unprecedented in the long history of the conference since its inception in 1965. We hope that ILCC2022 will be a successful meeting: even if it cannot be held in person in Lisbon, this event will still go ahead in order to reflect the latest advances in the field.

Organizing Committee

XXIII Conference on Liquid Crystals – Chemistry, Physics and Applications

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Is it our great pleasure to invite you all to participate in the XXIII Conference on Liquid Crystals – Chemistry, Physics and Applications – CLC 2021 which will be held in the Karkonosze mountains, Poland, from October 18th (Monday) to October 22nd (Friday) 2021.

A long break in the direct personal contacts of the scientific society and the hope for a better pandemic situation encourages us to organize the CLC2021 conference in the stationary form.

The applicable safety rules will be followed during all activities while the conference. In a case of introducing pandemic restrictions which would make the meeting impossible, the conference will be canceled and the conference fee will be paid back (100% - with the reduction of bank transfer costs). We do not plan to organize online version of the conference instead.

The web page for the Conference is already available:

We kindly encourage you to issue a preliminary application available at the conference website ( by the 30th of June 2021. This will help us to arrange an appropriate conference venue in the Karkonosze mountains.

Abstract submission due date is the 31st of August 2021.

We are looking forward to see you in person in Poland.

With best regards,

Local Organizing Committee

STORM-BOTS Second Call

Funded by the European Commission through the Horizon 2020 Marie Sklodowska-Curie ITN Programme, the STORM-BOTS network offers thirteen Early Stage Researcher (ESR) positions to provide high-level training in the field of liquid crystal based soft robotics.

Twelve positions have already been filled in the first call for applications.

The current call is for the following position:

ESR 12: Electrically driven sensor skins for LCE-based soft robotics.

Recruiting institution: Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research - TNO (NL).

PhD Programme in Chemical Engineering – Eindhoven University of Technology

Local and network training activities, covering aspects of chemistry, physics, materials science, advanced manufacturing and robotics, as well as transferable skills, will give the researchers the opportunity to participate in pioneering research, acquiring the necessary skills for a future career in this field.

The most talented and motivated students will be selected for advanced multidisciplinary research training, preferably starting on July/October 2021.

More information

New issue of LC Today is online

The new issue of Liquid Crystals Today, Vol 30, issue 1, 2021, is now available online. It should make some interesting reading.

Ingo Dierking

Mathematics of complex materials

Royal Society Publishing has recently published a special issue of Philosophical Transactions A entitled "Topics in mathematical design of complex materials" compiled and edited by Xian Chen, Miha Ravnik, Valeriy Slastikov and Arghir Zarnescu and the articles can be accessed directly at the link.

I hope this will be of particular interest for our theory members, and I have negotiated free access to the issue until the end of June 2021.

Ingo Dierking

Professor Apala Majumdar, University of Strathclyde, won Suffrage Science Award

Professor Apala Majumdar from the University of Strathclyde has won a Suffrage Science Award for 2020 Maths and Computing. Dr Nina Snaith, University of Bristol, on her nomination of Professor Apala Majumdar, University of Strathclyde said: “Apala does outstanding research in liquid crystals and partially ordered materials. She stands out because of the vast array of collaborations she maintains, from pure mathematicians to projects with industry. Her absolute dedication to mathematics has led to a brilliant and prolific output of interdisciplinary work.”

For more information about the Majumdar group, visit and

Announcement is available on: