Election of President and Vice President

Dear ILCS Members:

First of all, I hope you and your family are doing well at the time of the global calamity caused by the novel coronavirus.

I am writing to you today about the election of the next President and Vice President of the International Liquid Crystal Society(ILCS).
Based on the nominations from the members, the Nominating Committee (Chair: Claudio Zannoni; Helena Godinho, Antonio Figueiredo Neto, Kattera A. Suresh, Wei Lee, Hiroshi Yokoyama) has selected four candidates as listed below:

  • Heinz Kitzerow
  • Ingo Dierking

Vice President:
  • Jun Yamamoto
  • Ivan I. Smalyukh

For your reference, their Vision Statements and CVs are available at: https://ilcsoc.org/members/election/president.php, where you can also cast your vote. Please have a careful look at the statements. All active members of the society are entitled and encouraged to vote on the same webpage in the period starting from April 1st and ending on May 15th.

This is an important opportunity to reflect your voice in the future of the society.

Last not the least, I would like to extend my sincere wishes for your wellbeing.

Hiroshi Yokoyama
President, International Liquid Crystal Society (ILCS)

March 2020 liquid crystal picture

The image of a “Coexistence of three types of smectic texture of 8CB”, by Satoshi Aya, has been selected as the  March 2020 ILCS liquid crystal picture. The picture of three coexisting textures  of 8CB  in the SmA phase is very aesthetic and as well as instructive.  It show beautifully the  diversity of different textures of the SmA phase. The composition is striking with different fields of colour  with high visual contrasts and as a picture it looks very dynamic.


Postdoctoral fellow Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio USA

Postdoctoral fellow - Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio USA

I am seeking to hire a postdoc in the area of topological defects and/or chirality in liquid crystals. Our primary techniques include AFM, near field scanning optical microscopy, confocal fluorescence microscopy, polarized optical microscopy, profilometry, optical rotatory power, and ellipsometry. We also are engaged in projects involving liquid crystal free-standing films and fluid interface instabilities in artificially controlled gravity Our group interacts with theory and experimental groups around the world. More information about our group can be found on our web site, http://liq-xtal.case.edu.

The candidate should have (or be nearing) a Ph.D. in physics, chemistry, or a related area, with experience in liquid crystals. She/he should send a CV to rosenblatt@case.edu with the subject line "Postdoc Application", and arrange to have at least two letters of recommendation sent to the same email address. I anticipate a starting date in the late spring or summer, 2020.

"In employment, as in education, Case Western Reserve University is committed to Equal Opportunity and Diversity. Women, veterans, members of underrepresented minority groups, and individuals with disabilities are encouraged to apply."

"Case Western Reserve University provides reasonable accommodations to applicants with disabilities. Applicants requiring a reasonable accommodation for any part of the application and hiring process should contact the Office for Inclusion, Diversity and Equal Opportunity at +1.216.368.8877 to request a reasonable accommodation. Determinations as to granting reasonable accommodations for any applicant will be made on a case-by-case basis."

Web Address: http://liq-xtal.case.edu

Charles Rosenblatt

February 2020 liquid crystal picture

Image of a focal conic defect texture in ferroelectric liquid crystals, by Ambika Bawa, has been selected as the  February 2020 ILCS liquid crystal picture. The combination of  the closed packed helices in a hexagonal lattice together with a chirality of the helices is very impressive; illustrating self assembly on various length scales in a very nice manner.


New poisitions available!

Tenure-track faculty position in physics - nonlinear optics - experimental
University of São Paulo, Brazil

Professor of Physics, EPSRC Manufacturing Fellow
University of Leeds, UK

Interdisciplinary Ph.D. position on realizing liquid crystal elastomer tubes for assisting brain organoid growth
The University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg

ILCS art contest jury of 2020

The International Liquid Crystal Society is pleased to announce that Professor Georg Mehl from the University of Hull, UK, will be a juror in 2020 of the ILCS art contest.

Georg Mehl obtained his PhD in Chemistry at the University of Freiburg in Germany. Currently he is Professor for Organic and Materials Chemistry at the Department of Chemistry, University of Hull, UK. His work focuses currently on the design and investigation of novel functional molecular and supra-molecular systems and nanoparticle-liquid crystal composites.

Jurors in previous years.

Nomination for 2020 ILCS Honors and Awards

Dear ILCS Members:

The ILCS has several different honors and awards for scientists and engineers at different career stages. These include:
1) The Glenn H. Brown Prizes for the best Ph.D. theses (four are usually awarded every two years);
2) The Michi Nakata Award for early career (postdoctoral) achievement;
3) The Samsung and LG Philips Display Mid-Career Awards (two separate awards);
4) The Pierre Gilles de Gennes Prize; and
5) Election as Honored Member.

The ILCS Awards are given biennially (once every two years) at the International Liquid Crystal Conference (ILCC). General rules governing the process for solicitation of nominations and selection of the winners can be found in the ILCS Bylaws. Nominations will be accepted from December 1, 2019 through February 15, 2020.  Detailed descriptions about the awards, eligibility and nomination guides are found here including the list of past recipients.

Nomination for the ILCS awards will be accepted online ONLY at:

The last not the least caveat is that the eligibility for nomination is not limited to the members of ILCS.  I would like to encourage all of you to widely distribute this announcement to anybody who might have potential interest in the awards.

We look forward to having strong candidates.

The nomination period is from Dec 1, 2019 to Feb 15, 2020.

Dear ILCS member, if you wish to receive emails send by the society, for example about nominations, elections, calls etc., please see that you have included an up to date and working email address in your profile.


Sin-Doo Lee
Chair, ILCS Honors and Awards Committee

Seoul National University, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Seoul, Korea

December 2019 liquid crystal picture

A fantastic image of  Cholesteric liquid crystal shell, by Buchaiah Gollapelli, has been selected as the December 2019 ILCS liquid crystal picture. This picture artistically represents the beauty of the structure of a cholesteric liquid crystal shell with planar boundary conditions.

47th German Liquid Crystal Conference

We are happy to announce the 47th German Liquid Crystal Conference, which will be organised in 2020 together with the Polish Liquid Crystal Society as a German-Polish Liquid Crystal Conference.The conference will take place in Magdeburg, at the Festung Mark from Tuesday, March 24 to Friday, March 27, 2020. This conference continues the tradition of bringing together researchers from various fields of liquid crystal soft matter and beyond. The German Topical Meeting on Liquid Crystals has long become an international-scale workshop promoting an exchange of views among scientists working with Soft Matter and, in particular, liquid crystals. It became a tradition to organise the German LC Conference in collaboration with Liquid Crystal societies of other countries. This time, we are bringing together the most advanced researchers from Poland and Germany in a joint effort. The activities at the meeting will consist of a few invited lectures from distinguished international scientists, and oral presentation and posters mainly from young researchers. Diverse topics cover a wide range of chemistry, physics, and application technologies of thermotropic and lyotropic liquid crystals, including relevant areas such as - Soft Matter Physics and Material Science - Synthesis and Characterisation of New Liquid Crystal Compounds - Adaptive Optics and Photonics - Colloid chemistry and physics - Nanoscience - Thin Fluid Films - Active liquid crystals - Biological and medical applications On behalf of the organisers, we ask you to mark this date in your schedule for 2020. We will invite you to submit contributions and to register for the meeting shortly. The deadline for abstract submission is January 6, 2020. Detailed information will be announced soon. Alexey Eremin and Ralf Stannarius PaweĊ‚ Perkowski and Mateusz Mrukiewicz

Postdoctoral Position at Université du Littoral Côte d’Opale, France.

Postdoctoral Position at Unité de Dynamique et Structure des Matériaux Moléculaires (UDSMM), Université du Littoral Côte d’Opale, Dunkerque, France.

UDSMM invites application for a postdoctoral position in SMAEO group under the supervision of Prof. Abdelylah DAOUDI. This position is generally for one year starting from 01/01/2020.
Topic of project: Photo-alignment of anisotropic quantum materials by ink-jet printing and fabrication of organic electronic devices on different substrates using mesogenic materials.
To execute this project, candidate must hold a Ph.D. degree in Physics/Electronic engineering/chemical engineering with hands on expertise in photo-alignment of quantum materials, fabrication of organic molecules on different substrates and knowledge of electronic devices. In addition, technical skill of Matlab and Labview is essential. Experience of working with liquid crystalline material will be preferred.

Contact Person:
Please send your CV, motivation letter and Ph.D. degree latest by 05/10/2019 to the following person-
Prof. Abdelylah DAOUDI [Email: Email: abdelylah.daoudi@univ-littoral.fr]
Dr. Dharmendra Pratap SINGH [Email: dharmendra.singh@univ-littoral.fr]