July 2020

The remote ILCS Honors & Awards Ceremony

The remote ILCS Honors & Awards Ceremony will be held on July 29th and 30th as below. Active members will receive an invitation email containing the access details to the Zoom Conference.

July 29, Wednesday       
  • 8:00 AM(EDT) – 8:20 AM (EDT)  ILCS General Meeting 
  • 8:20 AM(EDT) – 8:30 AM (EDT) Honors & Awards Ceremony - Chair: Nicholas Abbott
  • 8:30 AM(EDT) – 8:40 AM (EDT) Honored Members Acceptance Speech - Oleg Lavrentovich
  • 8:40 AM(EDT) – 9:00 AM (EDT) Glenn Brown Prize Lecture - Greta Babakhanova
  • 9:00 AM(EDT) – 9:20 AM (EDT) Glenn Brown Prize Lecture - Clarissa Dietrich
  • 9:20 AM(EDT) – 9:40 AM (EDT) Glenn Brown Prize Lecture - Devesh Mistry
  • 9:40 AM(EDT) – 10:00 AM (EDT) Glenn Brown Prize Lecture - Lisa Tran
July 30, Thursday             
  • 8:00 AM(EDT) – 8:20 AM (EDT)  Michi Nakata Prize - Danqing Liu
  • 8:20 AM(EDT) – 8:40 AM (EDT)  Mid Career Research Excellence Award: Samsung - Alenka Mertelj
  • 8:40 AM(EDT) – 9:00 AM (EDT)  Mid Career Research Excellence Award: LG - Torsten Hegmann
  • 9:00 AM(EDT) – 9:30 AM (EDT)  P.G. de Gennes Prize - Hideo Takezoe

Announcement of online conference

The "2nd International Online Conference on Crystals” will be held between 10-20. November 2020. Please have a look at further details at:


There are 9 sessions in total, including a session on liquid crystals:
Liquid Crystals (chair: Prof. Charles Rosenblatt) Crystalline Materials (chair: Prof. Dr. Robert F. Klie) Crystal Engineering (chair: Prof. Dr. Reshef Tenne) Biomolecular Crystals (chair: Dr. Rocco Caliandro) Crystalline Minerals and Biominerals (chair: Dr. Michele Iafisco) Phase Transformations in Crystalline Materials (chair: Dr. Cyril Cayron) Small and Wide Angle X-ray Scattering Applied to Nano- and Biomaterials
(chair: Dr. Teresa Sibillano) Software/Tools to Deal with Crystal and Crystallographic Issues & Teaching Crystallography (chair: Dr. Anna Moliterni) Structure of Cholinesterases (chair: Prof. Zoran Radić)

I am sure some of these topics will be of interest to a number of our members.