May 2019

Research Fellow in Liquid Crystal Physics and Devices

Research Fellow in Liquid Crystal Physics and Devices

Closing date: May 26th 2019. More details and application process are available through the web address below.

You will join a collaborative programme with Merck Chemicals Ltd, the world’s leading company working in liquid crystals. You will work with a team of scientists from the company along with Prof Helen Gleeson, Prof Cliff Jones and Dr Mamatha Nagaraj in the Soft Matter Physics Group at Leeds University.

You will have an experimental PhD degree or equivalent, and research experience in Physics and/or Engineering along with significant experience in liquid crystal physics, optics, electro-optics, active and passive device fabrication or related areas.

You will focus on a range of liquid crystal-based technologies and work on the design, fabrication, optimisation and characterisation of liquid crystal devices. In addition to carrying out a series of research projects, you will be an excellent communicator, responsible for day-to-day interactions with the company, writing papers, contributing to patent applications and making presentations. You will travel regularly to the company’s premises in the UK and Germany.

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