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PhD Position Sfeer Project

The stimuli-responsive functional materials and devices (SFD) group at the Eindhoven University of Technology has vacancies for a 1 PhD Student (1.0 fte) “Thermochromic Infra-Red Reflective Foils”

Project description
Do you want to work with innovative materials and coatings? And do you want to develop products that
contribute to the energy transition? Then this PhD vacancy is what you are looking for! In this PhD project you
will create a smart infrared light (IR) reflector foil that can be placed on a window. IR light makes up 50% of the
total sunlight energy and is a significant interior heating source of buildings. Your foil will autonomously and
reversibly change between an IR reflective and a transparent state upon heating/cooling, all the while remaining
transparent to visible light. Thus, the ‘smart’ temperature responsive IR reflector will reject IR at higher
temperatures, reducing heating of the indoor space and the load on air conditioning systems. If this can be done,
it will be a major step towards the construction of energy neutral buildings. In this multidisciplinary project you
will work together with industrial partners, spin-off companies, institutes and other universities.

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