Art Contest

Liquid crystals are beautiful to study, foremost in the polarizing microscope. To promote the sharing of this beauty, the ILCS features a continuously on-going monthly liquid crystal art contest. Each month, the most striking liquid crystal-related picture submitted to us is selected to be specially featured on the ILCS website.

You are encouraged to send us your picture for consideration. If your contribution is selected it will be presented throughout the following month together with explanatory information on the Featured Art of the month page as well as on the home page of the ILCS website. In addition, you and your research will be also presented. Afterward, your picture is transferred to the ILCS art gallery where our visitors can enjoy it also in the future. If your contribution is not selected immediately, it will remain in competition for the following months.

Not only photos can be submitted but also e.g. graphical simulation results or drawings illustrating a liquid crystal-related concept or phenomenon in a striking way will be considered.