Multimedia Prize

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    Marco Peccianti

    ILCC 2006

    For his outstanding technical publications based on his doctoral thesis: Nonlinear Optical Propagation in Nematic Liquid Crystals visualizing the processes of nonlinear optics in liquid crystals and summarizing the essence of the physical processes involved in simple, clear, and elegant drawings. Advisor: Gaetano Assanto, University of Rome, Roma Tre (Italy)
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    Adam Fontecchio

    ILCC 2004

    For his interactive PowerPoint web-presentation of his doctoral thesis: Multiplexing Studies of Holographically-formed Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystals: Morphology, Structure and Device Applications including animation of H-PDLC formation. Advisor: Greg Crawford, Brown University (USA)
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    Ivan Smalyukh

    ILCC 2002

    For a stimulating web tutorial with interactive graphics on the uses of Fluorescent Confocal Polarizing Microscopy for 3D imaging of the liquid crystal director field.
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    Hiroyuki Mori

    ILCC 2000

    For the introduction of a new concept to enhance large area displays using discotic liquid crystals that has been implemented by Fuji Film, Corp. with outstanding results in active matrix liquid crystal displays 15 inches and larger. Advisor: Phil Bos, Kent State University, (USA)
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    Mario Mueller

    ILCC 1998

    An educational and entertaining interactive tutorial on novel banana liquid crystals. Advisor: G. Heppke, Berlin Technical University, (Germany)