Announcement of ILCS Honors and Awards


Glenn H. Brown Prize

Yuge Huang (Central Florida University; Nominator: Shin-Tson Wu)

For the PhD thesis entitled “High-fidelity mini-LED and micro-LED displays”.
Muhammad Ali (University of Warsaw; Nominator: Natasa Vaupotic)

For the PhD thesis entitled “Diffraction gratings formed by bent-core liquid crystals in the twist−bend nematic phase”.
Jung-Shen (Benny) Tai (University of Colorado; Nominator: Ivan Smalyukh)

For the PhD thesis entitled “Topological solitions in chiral condensed matter”.
Taras Turiv (Kent State University; Nominator: Oleg Lavrentovich)

For the PhD thesis entitled “Dynamics of living and inanimate microparticles controlled by nematic liquid crystals”.

Mid Career Research Excellence Award (Samsung & LG)

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Shu Yang (University of Pennsylvania)

For creative materials contributions to the fabrication of responsive liquid crystalline matter at surfaces and interfaces.
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Teresa Lopez-Leon (ESPCI Paris)

For pioneering contributions to the physics of liquid crystalline shells.

Pierre Gilles de Gennes Medal

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Slobodan Zumer (University of Ljubljana)

In recognition of his creative explorations and breakthrough contributions to the understanding of soft matter, in particular, liquid crystals, liquid crystal-colloidal and liquid crystal-polymer hybrid systems.

Honored Members

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Robert Meyer (Brandeis University)

For his groundbreaking experimental and theoretical contributions to the fundamental science and applications of liquid crystals, particularly their ferroelectric, flexoelectric, topological defects, and chiral properties.