Announcement of ILCS Honors and Awards


Glenn H. Brown Prize

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Dae-Yoon Kim (Chonbuk National University, Korea) in Chemistry/Materials (Experiment)

For his outstanding work on the design and synthesis of light-responsive molecules and remote-controllable smart materials. The synthesized photo-responsive materials and the observed structural relationship will have a significant impact on novel photonic devices with a wide range of future applications.
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Haiwei Chen (University of Central Florida, USA) in Applications

For his development of the advanced technology for liquid crystal displays with high image quality. Also established was a solid theoretical foundation to perform further analysis of liquid crystal displays in terms of three key display metrics of response time, color gamut, and contrast ratio.
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Shuang Zhou (Kent State University, USA) in Biology (Experiment)

For his outstanding research on the viscoelastic properties of lyotropic chromonic liquid crystals showing many interesting features of a new class of active matters. His most important accomplishment was the discovery of a remarkable biomechanical material composed of swimming bacteria suspended in a water-soluble non-toxic liquid crystal, termed as a living liquid crystal.
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Thomas J. Machon (University of Warwick, UK) in Physics (Theory)

For his theoretical work on the topology and field states in soft matters, especially in complex liquid crystalline environments, with the goal to predict and determine topological properties of the objects such as field knots and topological defects. Another aspect of his contribution to soft matters, the stability of minimal surfaces, opens up a fascinating new field at the intersection of physics and mathematics.

Michi Nakata Prize for Early Career Achievements

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Hillel Aharoni (University of Pennsylvania, USA) in Physics (Theory)

For his impressive evolution of research on topological and geometric applications in soft matter physics from the pattern formation in smectic liquid crystals, demonstrating how nature uses simple geometric principles for achieving complex functionality. His unusual broad view on the soft matter physics including liquid crystal physics, based on strong mathematical and geometrical skills, will make him grow as a prominent scientist.

Mid Career Research Excellence Award (Samsung & LG)

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Ivan I. Smalyukh (University of Colorado, USA) in Physics (Experiment)

For his pioneering research and continued leadership in the fields of topological nematic colloids and liquid crystal composites. Also highly recognized are his dedicated contributions to the liquid crystal community in the experiments to control soft matters and liquid crystals with a variety of different topologies, shapes, and molecular organization.

Pierre Gilles de Gennes Medal

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John W. Goodby (University of York, UK) in Chemistry/Materials

For his pioneer research in organic synthesis of mesogens, contribution to technological applications of liquid crystals, and extraordinary scientific leadership in liquid crystal societies for over the past thirty years. His discovery of new states of matters allowed the unification of the physics of phase transitions in liquid crystals with those of superconductors. Other outstanding achievements in the self-assembly and self-organization processes of complex fluids are truly multidisciplinary in nature and contribute to both pure and applied science over the world.