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January 2020

©Seyyed Muhammad Salili

Myelinic texture

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Here is the mysterious Myelinic Texture of the so-called B7 phase or modulated SmC of bent-core mesogens in a bluk sample. The image has been taken using POM with crossed polarizers. Picture width is 350 microns.


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Dr. Seyyed Muhammad Salili is currently a Senior Data Scientist at Wacker Chemical Corporation. Before this, he worked as a Senior Data Scientist in the Customer Intelligence & Analytics (CIA) Team at Consumers Energy. He received his Ph.D. from the Advanced Materials & Liquid Crystal Institute at Kent State University under the advisory of Prof. Antal Jakli. After receiving his doctoral degree, he worked at the University of Pennsylvania as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Physics & Astronomy with Prof. Douglas Durian and later in Earth & Environmental Sciences with Prof. Douglas Jerolmack. Dr. Salili also worked as a visiting scientist at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory to study the magneto-optic properties of liquid crystals. Dr. Salili has so far been granted the US National Science Foundation Innovation grant three times administered through the University of Akron, University of Pennsylvania and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Dr. Salili is currently participating in the MIT Sloan School of Management Executive Program on Management & Leadership in artificial intelligence.

Dr. Salili's research materials could be found at the following link:

Jury comment

The picture is very striking and expressive  and the composition and contrast of shapes and contrasts is very well selected and beautiful.
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