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January 2021

©Luciano De Sio

Plasmonic assisted smectic-like liquid crystal phase

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Polarized optical microscope micrograph of a smectic-like liquid crystal phase obtained by doping a conventional cholesteric liquid crystal with a small amount of chloroform dispersed gold nanorods.


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Luciano De Sio works at the Sapienza University of Rome. He is the group leader of a young and highly motivated research group working in thermo-plasmonics, liquid crystals, nanotechnology, optics, and bio-photonics. He has co-authored 110 ISI-JCR publications in physics and biomedicine, several book chapters, 18 issued international patents, and delivered more than 50 scientific communications at conferences. He is also the Project Director of an international Multi-Year Project supported by the NATO Science for Peace and Security Programme, aiming to realize a nanotechnology-inspired biosensor with photo-responsive liquid crystals.

Email: luciano.desio@uniroma1.it

Jury comment

The picture represents the beauty of smectic-like liquid crystal phase.
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