Susanta Chakraborty, featured ILCS liquid crystal artist, February 2021

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Susanta Chakraborty is currently doing post-doctoral research in the group of Prof. Aloka Sinha at the Department of Physics, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, India. He has obtained his Ph.D. degree at the Department of Physics, North Bengal University, India under the supervision of Prof. Malay Kumar Das. His research interests include characterization and improvement of liquid crystal materials. He is specialized in critical behavior, optical birefringence, dielectric spectroscopy, and electro-optics investigations of calamitic and bent-core liquid crystal materials.

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Webpage of the group of Prof. Aloka Sinha
Research materials of Susanta Chakraborty could be found at the following link
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The cholesteric liquid crystal material was prepared by mixing nematic liquid crystal 5CB with chiral dopant (CB15). The sample was filled within a planar aligned ITO coated wedge cell. The picture was taken under the crossed polarized microscope when applying an electric field of 6 volts at room temperature. Single Grandjean-Cano step is visible in this picture.
Jury comment: The picture represents the beauty of square-like pattern induced by a electric field in cholesteric liquid crystal mixture.