Qing Zhang featured ILCS liquid crystal artist, June 2021

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Qing Zhang is a graduate student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Her research, under the guidance of Prof. Irmgard Bischofberger (https://www.mitfluidslab.com), is on fluid instabilities and pattern growth in lyotropic chromonic liquid crystals.
Email address: zqing@mit.edu
Web: https://www.mitfluidslab.com
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A stunning fingering pattern forms in a nematic lyotropic chromonic liquid crystal displaced by a lower viscosity silicone oil in a 50 mm gap between two parallel plates. The pattern is characterized by stable needle-like structures decorated with side branches and belongs to the class of dendritic growth. Picture width ~ 45 mm.
Jury comment: The picture represents a stunning fingering pattern formed in a nematic lyotropic chromonic liquid crystal.