Submission of theses not in English for the Glenn Brown Award

The Honors and Awards Committee of the ILCS has a responsibility to ensure that the Glenn Brown Award for the best PhD thesis is used to recognise the best internationally competitive achievement at the level of a PhD thesis.

While we strive to ensure that the award is as inclusive as possible, we note the following in considering theses not written in English:
  • The 3 page abstract and CV alone are insufficient for us to judge the quality of the thesis (which is the document being awarded the prize)
  • In order to gain a representative judgement of the theses submitted for the award, at least two (and preferably three) members of the committee need to be able to read the thesis and pass a view.
Therefore, for submissions not originally in English
  • A full English translation is preferable.
Where a translation is not available, the submission must be supplemented by:
  • An extended summary in English of each chapter presented in the thesis. This may include published papers (in English) which present the results of the thesis, with a summary (in English) of how the papers fit into the thesis work.
  • An extended CV, showing the particular contributions of the candidate to each of published papers, together with a clear statement of the contribution of each of the co-authors of the papers. Where only part of the work within a paper was submitted in the thesis, this also must be made absolutely clear (it is the thesis that is being judged, not the papers).
This supplement has been formulated through consultation with the Honors and Awards Committee and the Chairman of the ILCS, and is used to inform submissions for the Glenn Brown awards since 2008.

Honors and Awards Committee
November 12, 2007.