Contest: Liquid Crystal Art Image of the Year 2022

We are pleased to announce the contest: Liquid Crystal Art Image of the Year 2022. Among the pictures that won each month in 2022, so from the pool of 12 amazing images, you will choose the best one. The winning picture will be displayed on the cover of the next issue of Liquid Crystals Today. Additionally, a short article about the author of the winning picture will be published on Liquid Crystals Today.

The rules are simple:
(i) choose a photo from the ones below,
(ii) press the 'start voting' button and fill out the form,
(iii) each person can cast only one vote for a picture of their choice (ONE PERSON = ONE VOTE),
(iv) voting runs from 1 to 21 February 2023,
(v) the results will be announced on the ILCS website ( on 24 February 2023.

The general rules of the Liquid Crystal Art Image of the Year 2022 contest can be found here.

We cordially invite you to vote!
January 2022
Stacks Image 55
Maciej Czajkowski,
Waiting for spring
February 2022
Stacks Image 71
Nazma Begum,
Layered smectic A phase
March 2022
Stacks Image 73
Varsha Jain,
Nematic cybotactic phase to smectic A phase transformation point
April 2022
Stacks Image 235
Jiao Liu,
Helical nanofilament phase
May 2022
Stacks Image 226
Asmita Shah,
Dendritic morphology of discotic liquid crystal
June 2022
Stacks Image 217
Efi-Maria Papia,
Liquid crystals: reimagined
July 2022
Stacks Image 207
Qing Zhang,
Keeping an eye on drying liquid crystals
August 2022
Stacks Image 198
Deepak Verma,
Colorful flower petals
September 2022
Stacks Image 189
Baris Sezgin,
Columnar phase formed by bent-core containing azobenzene unit
October 2022
Stacks Image 120
Andreia F. M. Santos,
Flying Colibri
November 2022
Stacks Image 118
Wen Chen,
Gold coast
December 2022
Stacks Image 116
Supreet Kaur,
Flamboyance of Nematics