April 2017

2018 MRS Spring Meeting

New event: 2018 MRS Spring Meeting (April 2-6, 2018) on Active Colloids with Order, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

ILCS Calendar

Research Fellow at the University of Leeds

Two research fellow jobs are available at the University of Leeds:

1. Research Fellow in the Synthesis of Novel Liquid Crystals MAPPA1041, closing date 25 Apr 2017.
To view the advert use the link: http://jobs.leeds.ac.uk/MAPPA1041

2. Research Fellow in Liquid Crystal Physics and Devices MAPPA1043, closing date 03 May 2017.
To view the advert use the link: http://jobs.leeds.ac.uk/MAPPA1043

Two new confreences in San Francisco, California

We have added two new events in the ILCS calendar:

To learn more about liquid crystal events please look at ILCS Events Calendar.

April 2017 liquid crystal picture

Image of a twist-bend nematic filaments formed inside a round capillary tube by Greta Cukrov has been selected as the April 2017 ILCS liquid crystal picture.